Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Weekend Recap 1-3-22

Happy New Year everyone.

I trust you all had a safe and fun filled new years. Wow, 2022 already. Don't blink we will be in 2023. Anyway, thank you for coming along for the ride and sharing with other FB Foodies. The goal is to get people modivated to actually cook. The sign reading "If I stirred it, its homemade," does not apply here. On to the weekend.

Friday for lunch was a quick frittata for Storm with bacon, onion, bell pepper, garlic, avo, and salsa (Storm whipped that one up). Dinner: Was a birthday request by Storm. So we made her Salmon dip stuffed crimini with a parmesan and seasoned panko bread crumb topping. Broiled in the oven and served with a side salad. Always a great choice. Bday cake was scratch carrot cake. Storm is the baker in the family and she knows what she wants in her cake. Kudos to her for making it. I am sure I would have screwed it up somehow.

Saturday: Breakfast smoothie of course. Lunch was a slice of fresh sourdough and some cranberry merlot jelly. Yum. Dinner ended up being roasted veggie medley and rockfish baked over our winter chard harvested that day.

Sunday: Lunch was a quick throw together minestrone soup with leftover roasted veggies and a slice or so or sourdough. Dinner was the same.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend In the Kitchen." Post and show us what creative ideas took you into the new year. Have a blessed and prosperous day.