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Can we can an updated, more useful version?

So, I was thinking about buying the meal plan. Just takes one thing to plan from your mind which is nice when you're on a super busy schedule.

It also suits my habits very well, that it comes with a weekly grocery list. The recipes seem really tasty too.

However, there's many things, that are easily fixable, that make the meal plan very "unplanned" for me:

1. It's still only available with the US measuring system.

As a European, this just such an unnecessary pain in the butt.

From a fitness standpoint, it's also not very helpful. If I want to be more precise about my calorie intake and also get a better feeling for how many calories are in a serving I am way better at keeping a good eye on it when using grams. Also the nutritional values of food are always written in grams on the packaging here. Which seems to render the plan nearly useless here, in my opinion.

2. Noodles and rice's nutritional values are measured in their cooked state.

Read that when scrolling through the coomments, official answer was by FB.

How does that even make sense? I'm measuring out my portions with the dry ingredients in cups but then the nutritional value is measured in ther wet state, by which time their volume has changed.

3. The overnight problem.

Some peeps in the comments mentioned, that there is no heads up if the breakfast needs overnight prep.

This is a commonly overlooked thing since we're all human and it's so easy to fix by just putting a little note or icon on the meal plan.

Yes, the ppl can do it themselves too.

But it's so much easier if the plan does not need any additional planning out by the ppl who buy it.

Thanks for reading.

Also curious what you think about the meal plan?