Hidden Gem - interesting 8 minute HIIT/LB burnout

Pressed for time, this short, yet nicely challenging 8-min HIIT/LB burnout workout gem appeared in a "Not Complete" HIIT workouts search this morning:


It's suprising there are only 8 comments for this workout.

It got the HR up quickly, and the longer 40 second active intervals were a very nice challenge compared to the usual 20 second tabata intervals of so many HIIT workouts.

If you're looking for a short, sweat-inducing, HR-raising HIIT workout, this one is sweet! :) And for a bigger challenge, do 2 rounds for a total of 16 minutes instead of 8.

It would be cool if the website had an option to sort or highlight videos by total completions by all users to help find hidden workout gems which may have been overlooked. It would be interesting to see how many total times and by how many unique users this workout has been completed.