New FB Plus Workout: Hip Flexor Strengthening and Mobility Workout

Good morning, FitnessBlender family!

You may have noticed that we’ve been sharing some different workout styles lately, but it’s always a good idea to master the basics before branching out. This workout serves as a humble reminder that hip strength is one of the basics that should not be neglected. 

Hip Flexor Strengthening and Mobility Workout

Short, sweet, and to the point - this workout is a “no-frills” kind of workout that gets you going shortly after hitting the play button. It’s ideal for people who need a burnout towards the end of Leg Day or a quick Active Recovery session. On the other hand, if your hip flexors need a little more love and attention, then be sure to add a thorough warm-up and cooldown to make this into a full workout. 

This workout begins with myofascial release (you know how much I love starting out with our trusty foam roller!) for the hip flexors and lower torso. Using a foam roll on your torso has numerous benefits, including decreased muscle spasms, enhanced digestion and GI health, and improved rib movement. We admit that the positioning is slightly unconventional, but the benefits outweigh the awkwardness, don’t you think?

The hip joint has been receiving a ton of love and attention from us lately. What other joints should we tackle next?

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! 

- Kayla