New FB Plus Workout: 56-Min Add-On Style Strength Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

I hope you’re ready for a long workout! In today’s workout release, you will challenge your muscles to work (safely of course) while fatigued:

Mini Add-On Style Total Body Strength Circuits

Each circuit in this workout (of which there are five) contains three exercises with relatively short working intervals. The first two exercises could be part of a lower body/upper body strength superset, but the addition of a third exercise extends the circuit into a short complex. Because each circuit functions as a short complex and there are quick transitions between exercises, you should ideally use the same weight for all three exercises. With three rounds of each circuit, your focus is more on a mixture of muscular endurance and hypertrophy rather than maximum strength. Keep your weights nearby if you choose to switch them out after each exercise! Make sure to prioritize safety and proper form when resetting your posture before each exercise.

Right now, I’m on a mini staycation as I give my mind and body a little reset before charging into the new year. I’m still slowly working my way through Full Fusion and might pop online occasionally just to chat with you all from time to time, but I’m being very mindful of making sure that I take a few genuine breaks from work. Even though work doesn’t feel like work to me (because I love it so much), it’s super healthy for me to occasionally disconnect from my typical day! I’ve always been prone to burnout and overextending myself, so I purposefully include breaks from the norm in my schedule throughout the year. The value of resting and mindfully slowing down is priceless, and I have grown to appreciate the chill times just as much as the hustle. Anyone else the same way?

I hope you enjoy this workout! Especially the ending when you get an opportunity to practice your push-ups. Three times. Yay! Don’t pretend you aren’t excited.

Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten that I owe you some behind-the-scenes insights.

See you on the screen!