New FB Plus Workout: Energizing and Restorative Cardio and Stretch Workout

Hello FB family!

I’m back AGAIN today with a workout release for you! And this time for a change of pace.

Yesterday, I released a fierce level 5 kettlebell workout. But today we’re flipping the script. We’ve got ourselves a light, feel-good cardio and stretch workout. 

20 Minute Energizing and Restorative Cardio and Stretch Workout

We bring together low-impact combination exercises to lightly raise the heart rate with a blend of static and dynamic stretches to restore the body. If the holidays have you feeling a little tired, this workout could add a little more pep in your step!

I’ll admit, this style of workout is a complete change up from my typical go-go-go pace. While I love a satisfying strength workout, I know the importance of a recovery day. I left this workout feeling energized and restored, which was satisfying in itself. Perfect for this time of year when my mind and body could use a little extra TLC!

This roughly 20-minute routine makes a great active recovery day or an add-on to the end of a short strength or core focused workout for a nice balance. There is no warm-up or cool-down included (or needed), as it is already a low intensity workout. So feel free to come as you are and just move your body with this one!

Is it hard for you to slow down, or do you welcome a recovery day?

Enjoy this workout!