New FB Plus Workout: Kettlebell Total Body Complex-Style Circuits

Good Morning FB Family!

Happy Monday - I hope you're excited to have 2 new workouts available to you today! Amanda just released her free upper body workout and now I'm here to follow with a total body kettlebell workout to start the week with a bang:

Kettlebell Total Body Complex-Style Circuits Workout

Note: No kettlebell? No worries. You can accomplish everything in this workout with a single dumbbell.

I LOVE kettlebells and this routine made me realize I should use them more! The format is fast, fun, and challenging with no muscle group left behind. We take functional movements weighted with a kettlebell and combine them in complex-style circuits.

A complex is when you combine multiple movements back to back with no rest between. In this particular routine, we complete 4 exercises back to back, for 30 seconds each before resting. Yes, that means your active periods are 2 minutes long! As always, listen to your body and adjust your weights accordingly.

I'll be honest, kettlebells used to intimidate me a little bit until I gave them a try. If this is you too, I encourage you to give it a try with lighter dumbbells and see how powerful these functional kettlebell style exercises can be!

I'd love to know what your kettlebell experience is - love them? not quite sure yet? Let me know in the comments!