Week 51 goal evaluation

One more week till 2022 people! What a year it has been. Another year filled with covid-restrictions. I’ve had a few injuries to deal with. Luckily I was able to keep working. Another plus for me is my workout room. Counting myself lucky, still hoping for a better year next year ;)

My goals this week were:

counting my blessings and enjoying time with family: that definitely happened. I had a great week.

Changing my workouts, depending on the advice of my PT: I did 3 FB workouts last week and my PT exercises. I had Reach planned, but felt like doing something more / different. I also had 3 rest days, which is quite a lot for me, but I am getting back into my routine and I am okay with it.

Eating as healthy as possible, without denying myself anything: I think that went pretty well. I had ice cream as dessert two nights in a row, but since that is normally not something I do, that is okay.

This week my husband will bake “oliebollen”, a Dutch tradition. My brother in law and a friend will also bake and together they make the best and weirdest oliebollen there are (apple pie flavour, white chocolate and lime, banana, beer.. also a pizza flavoured one..). Per tradition, I will be at my sister in laws house to help eat all the oliebollen and drink gluhwein.. It will not be a healthy day, but it’s an extremely “gezellige” day (gezellig is something between cosy and fun, just generally having a good time).

I have planned workouts for the last 5 days of the year. I started with Tasha’s gem this morning: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/quick-bodyweight-strength-supersets-with-isometric-holds (plus) There are hollow-man holds in there, they are hard.. But apparently a great way to practice if you want to do pull-ups.. so, guess I will be doing more of those..


eat all the oliebollen ;)

do my 5 workouts and my PT exercises

fuelling my body properly, with healthy foods

drink less alcohol than the past 4 weeks (we had 2 beer advent calendars, so I had 2 half beers each night for the past 4 weeks.. I normally don’t drink that much.

How will you spend the last few days of 2021??

Oliebollen: delicious deep fried delicacies are made of flour, yeast, eggs, milk and raisins. Usually eaten warm with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top. Another traditional snack in the oliebollen-category are “appelflappen”, small deep fried pies filled with apple and particularly tasty when eaten fresh and hot.