week 50 goal evaluation

How was everybody’s week? Mine started off great. I did some climbing and climbed some grade 4 problems with relative ease. I even flashed a boulder with a type of grip that I normally find really difficult. It was a good day. I also started my morning workouts again, doing FB stretch to ease back into it. After a week, I feel like doing more. I am going to wait until after my PT appointment today to do that though. I want to get his advice first. I started out doing my stretches regularly, but he is a sorcerer and the pain is gone. That made it easy to forget doing the exercises (I am on the other side of the table now.. Normally I am the therapist..). Plus side though: no more pain. Except for when I do something weird with my arm.

Food wise I did pretty good: 79% on path. I am letting go of the percentages this week since I will be having dinner at my moms on christmas eve, and at my sister in laws on christmas day. For boxing day we will be at home, our single friends will probably come over.. What I’ve noticed since using the app is that I can snack without having to eat it all. I think my portions are getting smaller in general. Not seeing a change in weight yet, but I have been less active in the past few weeks during my injury (which also could be the reason for eating less, but at least my body is adapting to changes, which is good).

The week ended a bit crappy with the news of another hard lockdown. Luckily I can still do my job, but no fun activities during christmas break for my son. I count myself lucky though. We have a nice home with lots of board games, a workout room and a beautiful park nearby to go for walks.

This week I will focus on: counting my blessings and enjoying time with family

Changing my workouts, depending on the advice of my PT

Eating as healthy as possible, without denying myself anything.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate. Wishing you an amazing week!