Twin Girls!


Hello everyone! I am pregnant with Twin Girls (first pregnancy)! Before pregnancy, I was about 120 lbs (5'2'' tall) and was an active runner, loved strength training, and had a healthy diet. During the first trimester, I had a lot of problems with bleeding, cramping, and feeling faint, resulting in the inability to work out and the need to eat more than I was used to. The second trimester was better, I worked out more and ate better, but then I started studying for a test required for work, so I slumped into a couch potato habit with my studies. Now that I have passed that exam (praise the LORD for giving me that knowledge) I am ready to work on fitness again! I have already gained 35 lbs and my total weight gain range is 35-45 lbs, so I am a bit disappointed that I haven't had as fit of a pregnancy as I pictured I would. Any recommendations on workouts? Thank you, everyone!