week 49 goal evaluation

I did not workout last week like planned because monday I felt a bit better and then did too much, so tuesday I woke up feeling like I should maybe not workout. That lasted the rest of the week.

I went to see a physiotherapist on saturday, he is a sorcerer!! He jammed some needles in my back on the outside of my scapula (dry needling), he popped some vertebrae in my upper back and “poof” I climbed yesterday. I have slept wonderfully for the past 2 nights and I hardly have any pain. I need to do 20 repetitions of and exercise 4 times a day. Yesterday I did it 3 times, so pretty okay.

My ate app was at 77%, can I blame my period for the chocolate I just had to eat ;)

Last week's giveaway asked about your goals for 2022, this was my answer:

My goal is to start climbing grade 5 boulders. Hope to be able to top those with ease by the end of 2022. I also want to work on pull-ups, goal being: doing 5 consecutive proper form pull-ups without assistance by the end of the year.

Eat healthy (80/20)

Enjoy all the good things that we still have.

Did you participate? And if so, what was your answer?

This week I will focus on my PT exercises, and when climbing I will focus on climbing statically (as ordered by my PT).

I will also aim for another 80/20 week foodwise

I am doing FB stretch this week, I will do that with modifications where needed.