HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group December 8th

Good day fabulous FB Family.

Ghosting for MaFe today. Hope you are well Maria and you are enjoying the time with your family.

"Thought of the Day:" Those are the blessed that take the time to see the beauty in all things in this world.

Today is Day 3 of FB Reach Challenge: Active Upper Body Stretch Workout - PNF Stretch Routine for the Upper Body After yesterday at work, this is going to be perfect. Cool and clear start to the morning with lots of stars. That may change to foggy later, but, let's hope not. doing some chores around the home this morning before work. then off for another 20K+ step day. Whoo hoo!

What is on the agenda for your day? Everyone is welcome to post and participate. Whether your day is fantastic (which I hope it is), or you are struggling a bit to muddle through, we are here for each other for support. Todays image is of fabulous night of work by some creative spider on the property.

Have a blessed and prosperous day!