Restarting/Rescheduling a Program

Hello Blender Peeps!

I hope everyone is doing well and is enjoying the last month of the year so far. It's crazy how it's December already and it feels like 2021 just started at least to me anyway. I was wondering if I could have some advice on something.

Ever since I completed physical therapy back in July this year for my pains ( which are doing better by the way, not 100% yet but are better) I have decided to begin with FB Reach to help myself slowly get back into the swing of things. I started the program and had to reschedule a few times because my pains would get in the way and since I haven't workout for over a year my strength is lower so I had to skip a day or two in between workouts.

After the second week I had rescheduled quite a bit (either because of my pains (mostly), I didn't feel well, I would get dizzy or I was still sore from a workout before) and thought, "Geez...I will NEVER get this program done at this rate. This is pretty annoying and demotivating." So I decided to start over then the same thing happened again. I know what you guys are thinking, I shouldn't be ashamed or bothered by this. I can't help it at times. I have never had to restart a program or reschedule this much but then again I have never had pains like this before either. It just bothers me. I'm someone who likes to try and do things in one fell swoop ( although rescheduling does happen so I don't mind a day or two) but to reschedule this much the whole time gets frustrating.

I know Kelli and Daniel say that it's better to take a year to complete a program and do your best while listening to your body than to try and complete it in a month and overwork yourself. I agree 100% but can't help but be bothered.

How do you guys get yourself to listen to the "Listen to your body and take your time" vs the "I want to finish this program with reschedules or things like that"? How do you keep yourselves from becoming demotivated by rescheduling or starting over and not feel bad about it? I don't like this mentality but I slowly want to work towards trying to be more positive about this whole thing. What do you guys to help? Thank you in advance! I hope all that made sense.

I decided to restart it again but I hear in the back of my head, "You'll just restart it anyway you might as well stop or just pick workouts to do." Then there's, "No this time I won't feel bothered by it. I'll get through it at my own pace because if I keep restarting I'll NEVER finish it. So reschedule as much as you need and take your time. It's better...right?" I'm conflicted. I KNOW the better option but negativity has it's ways.

Have a Blessed day!