Week 48 goal evaluation

How was your week? I did good foodwise. My weekly recap said I was 81% on track. I did enjoy my kruidnootjes and banketletter, but balanced it out with apples, mandarins, and healthy meals. I feel pretty good. 

I did not stretch while making breakfast. I did once, my foot slipped a bit,I tried to catch my balance and hurt my shoulder in the process.. So, I decided to take a full break.. I called a PT to make an appointment. The pain has subsided, but it is not gone yet. I want to make a full recovery before bouldering again.

This week I will continue to focus on eating healthy.

I will also start my workouts again: lower body, core and a walking workout. I am avoiding exercises where I need to  put weight on my arms. 

Hopefully see a PT and get some exercises there.

So, what are you all doing this week??

Ps: no monday walk post this week, I went on a long walk with my SIL yesterday and posted a sunday walk..