Perspiration Pals Monday December 6th

Hey PPals, happy Monday to you all. I hope you had a great weekend and were able to recharge your batteries for the week ahead. Let us know below what this week, or at least this day, has in store for you. Is Monday a rest day for you? Or are you like me, starting up a new week of workouts after a restful weekend? Today I started week 2 of the pulse community challenge with a lower body workout and now it's time to head out for my morning walk with Remy before work.

I saw Deb posted yesterday about favorite healthy snacks, and I'd like to keep the food theme going today by asking you for healthy, quick lunch ideas. I tend to have either sandwiches or salads that can be thrown together quickly, but it can get pretty boring. And if I find myself without something to spice up my salads, like chicken or salmon, feta or pumpkin seeds, I end up feeling like this kitty here. So please share below what your go-to lunches for the workweek are and help me out of my salad slump 😅.

Remember anyone is welcome to pop in and comment!