Ppals 5 Dec 21 🍇

Happy Sunday Ppals!

It is just after midnight here so my Sunday just started although I do plan on sleeping for the next 7 hrs before getting my Sunday going. Then I will be out and about until the afternoon so I wanted to get Ppals started so most of your can read and chat with us while it is still Sunday for you. I hope I don't make too many mistakes typing. 🙃

You may wonder why I chose a picture of grapes. The more I read articles on fitness blender the more I understand and think about clean eating and hopefully incorporate it better. I stress eat unless I really think about it and realize that an unhealthy snack is not really going to help even though it will taste good while I am eating it. I really do like grapes and I buy them frequently so I now I am trying to reach for a some grapes when I need something to snack on. I was fairly successful last week and had some grapes a few times when I needed a snack. It is not to say that I didn't eat any cookies this past week but I am trying to keep my treats as planned desserts and have grapes or another healthy snack when I want a snack.

How about you, do you have a healthy go to snack when you need a pick me up? Let me know what your favorite healthy snacks are. I need some good ideas.

Now lets talk about exercise. What are your plans or is it a rest day for you. As for me I will doing day 10 of the Mass Challenge an upper body workout with Daniel.

Everyone is welcome to read and chat with us over here at Ppals!

Have a great Sunday and drop by Ppals when you have a chance. 🤗