👻 checkin: Sunday 5-12

Hey there all you lovely blenderbuddies. My oh my, time flies, I just got reminded that: no it’s not the 4th of the 12th, but already the 5th of the 12th. Countdown to Christmas and the end of the year…😱so soon already?!?!

Well, short checkin as I am on my way out. Another nature conservation volunteering day. Our son is joining us(his wife had to go back home for her work). We will be cycling there, then probably lopping, sawing and dragging lots of pine trees or rhododendron branches. Which at the end of the day will mean a wonderful #workoutcomplete. How about your workout day today? Loads, little, nothing? Programme to follow, freestyling it, or something completely different for a change? As always: anything goes!

Food: as it is so early in the morning and it’s my turn to cook tonight I have so totally not got a clue. Let me know about your menu today and then it might give me some idea of what to do later on! Be it festive or restive or whatever: anything goes!

Pic for today: a red squirrel on Brownsea Island. One of the few places in England where you can still find them. In most other parts of the UK grey squirrels have taken over. Do you have any squirrels around where you live? Or other really cute animals like that?

Off now, will respond much later tonight, but I definitely WILL!!!

And remember, our lovely Raven will be back with us tomorrow.

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