Best Way to Fix Glute/Hip Imbalances?

Hello Blender Peeps!

It's been a while since I've posted or even have been on the website. I was wondering if anyone had ANY advice on how to fix glute/maybe hip imbalances? I have been asking for help with this for a while but everyone I've asked never really helped or gave good advice. I'm not sure if I've asked for advice on this on the website but I'm asking now.

I've been having this issue for a while. For some reason my right side has been getting all the work and results. My right glute is more lifted and activates no problem while my left glute isn't and has trouble activating. I have no idea why. It's EXTREMELY frustrating and I'm getting to a point where I'm tired of it and just want them to be equal or as equal as possible already.

I've been told when doing certain exercises to always start on my weaker side (my left side) and that should help but I feel like that isn't working? Maybe it is and I haven't done it enough? I'm not sure. People have also told me just do exercise on the weak side and leave the right glute alone? Would that really help?

I will say I have noticed I do tend to lean on my right side even though my left side is my dominant side. Maybe that's why? Another thing is and this may sound stupid but because my right glute is more formed I don't know how to tell if my hips are even when I'm doing exercises or things in daily life in general. I try to be conscious about and again notice I unconsciously keep leaning to my right side. I try to stay in the middle or even lean on my left side but again my left glute has issues activating. I think part of the issue could be where my glutes and hamstrings meet. I have a harder time activating that area on my left than right hence the reason why my right is more lifted? I don't know.

Hopefully, all of that makes sense. I could really use the help because I'm tired of this frustration and could really use what works. Thank you in advance!