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Article Upgrades and Wellness Videos

Release 2021.12.03 introduces new capabilities for FB Plus members as well as additional filters for all members.

All Members

  • New workout training type filter for Kickboxing
  • New workout equipment filter for Other
  • All articles have been consolidated (under Healthy Living) with filters and search capability
  • Articles now include read time (in minutes)

Plus Members

  • Articles can now be added to calendar and completed (just like Recipes)
  • Articles include a dashboard with tagging and notes support
  • Articles can be added to favorites
  • New Wellness Videos section (under Healthy Living) that will include (future) videos related to mental health, mindfulness, nature walks, and guided meditations
  • Wellness videos include a dashboard with stats, tagging, and notes
  • Wellness videos can be added to favorites
  • The main Statistics and Analytics dashboard includes wellness summary stats, updated calendar history drop down options, and updated tags drop down options


  • Security updates and version upgrade for our primary database
  • Version upgrade for our search database