New FB Plus Workout: DPT-Led Bored Easily Routine for Stubborn IT Band Syndrome

Good morning, FB family -

This workout is a longer one, but don’t let that deter you from giving this area of your body some much-deserved attention. Today’s moves are dedicated towards the IT band and relieving pressure that can cause pain, loss of motion, and poor movement patterns.

DPT-Led Bored Easily Routine for Stubborn IT Band Syndrome

I know that so many of you are fans of the “Bored Easily” workouts, and I wanted to give it a go - DPT style. This workout format also relieves me of my counting duties which, quite frankly, I could definitely improve upon. It’s a win-win for both of us!

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome and you suffer from hip or knee pain, give this workout a try. The IT band is a thick, fibrous band of fascia that runs from the glutes to the outside of the knee joint. Since it affects two of the most important joints in the body, it may be contributing to your hip/knee problems without your knowledge. Because, you know, #kineticchain.

I had a ton of fun putting this routine together and applying a new concept to stability workouts. I tried to pick an interval length that was achievable yet scalable, and I am hoping it hits the mark for you. Please remember to listen to your body as you enter and grow into these moves, especially if they’re new and challenging.

Also, here’s my BTS admission of guilt: I made a couple errors during filming and accidentally shaved a few minutes off some rest breaks (not too many, I promise!). Hopefully you are too busy movin’ and groovin’ to notice :-)

Since ITB problems are commonly seen in runners and cyclists, be sure to check out my recent article, The 7 Most Common Running Injuries (Plus How to Prevent Them). What should we tackle next?!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and I hope to see you on screen soon!

- Kayla