Perspiration Pals November 30, 2021

Hey there P Pals,

How are we doing this Tuesday?

I woke up to a snow blanket and yes, also slipped a bit on my way to work (all fine). Seems like winter is here after all.

Given the evolving covid situation, I had to rethink my travel plans. This morning I actually cancelled my tickets 😒😔 I was extremely upset about it yesterday when I had to make that decision. But today, I am handling myself better...I had bought some presents too..But when I tried to find the good in all this, I could -I wouldn't have to leave my fur baby in someone else's hands now.

I know I should workout at some point, but currently I have zero or negative motivation for anything at all. I have been otherwise active though.

Lil fur baby is doing fine, got her annual vaccination shots and vet said she's doing fine 🙂

Anyhoo, that's about it from me. We welcome everyone in these threads, please feel free to pop by and say hello or more.

Thank you for checking in with me today.

P.S. the cat person is me and fur baby but under a blanket of course!