Ppals 28 Nov 21 🌞🍓🌽🌼

Happy Sunday Ppals,

I am enjoying the last day of my 4 day weekend. I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday even if it isn't a holiday weekend for you.

My corn plant is blooming again! I have had the plant for at least 20 years and it started blooming the last 5 years or so. I didn't notice the flowers at first since they are buried in the midst of the long leaves but, they have a very strong smell! The first time it bloomed I wondered what was going on in my living room and where was that strange smell coming from. The other night I smelled it again, so I started peering through the leaves and sure enough there were flowers! It was a nice surprise. I think the plant is blooming just to say hello to me (even though the smell can be off putting).

Right now I am enjoying relaxing morning. Later on I am going to a women's basketball game, where there will be some functional exercising walking to and from the parking lot. All the buildings at the University seem to be far from the parking lots. Then after watching the women play (and win) I'll do day 4 of the Mass challenge.

I hope you all have pleasant surprises to cheer you this weekend! Please share your pleasant surprises with us. Or share how your day is going.

All are welcome to chat and read in our friendly corner of the Fitness Blender Community. 🦄🤗