Weekend Check-Ins: Sun, November 28

Hello brilliant Blendfriends!

I hope it's a nice day for you and if not, Monday will be😦

I don't have any pictures for you today but I found this cute meme to maybe put a smile on your face. Not thinking about Monday is so crucial to have a good Sunday, right?😉

Living in the moment/present and not in the past/ future is a thing anyway. Not easy though. For me, the hardest part is not to live in the past(should've, could've, might've, etc). What's the challenging part of this "living in the moment" for you? Just an optional Sunday question.

No transition, but how's it going for you in the workout and food department? I'm resting today as the 7th day of 3rd week of Strong. I need it! It's been a very busy weeks for us. Not a bad kinda busy though. So, how about you guys? Any workout or non-workout activities?

And food: my hubs is cooking lamb shank with I think I saw potatoes. So, how are you treating your GI tract today. Somethin very healthy, new foods, or perhaps an unhealthy craving that sent you to the grocery store? I'm saying that because I drove to the store last night just to get some ice cream! 🤭

That's the end for me. Now, it's your turn to share your story and thank you so much for it! Thanks for checking in with me today. Tomorrow our amazing host, Raven will be back for another amazing couple of weeks.

See y'all later today. Take care guys💛