HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group November 26th

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down. 🐦🦅

Let's fly into the weekend and leave the weight of the week behind us! Some of us are lucky enough to already be enjoying a long weekend. Send good vibes to the rest of us, please! 💥💕

I had a less than pleasurable day yesterday but hopefully at least the loaf I made turned out. We will find out later. It is a ginger molasses loaf. I predict it tastes like Christmas.

Today was recovery for me so a nice stretching workout with Daniel. I rolled my ankle on the way to work so I hope it does not get worse today.

Otherwise, I will be sneaking out early so we can drive to the in-laws for the weekend. Some family issues that need to be dealt with but hopefully we can enjoy the time together as well. That being so, I might not be able to answer everyone's posts but I will try my best. Maybe in the car on the way there.

A colleague just brought me an advents calendar. I was so surprised! That was so nice and thoughtful of her. It really made me feel nice.

I hope everyone has a good slide into the weekend and don't be scared to participate or just lurk around.🐱‍🏍