Yesterday "In the Kitchen" Thursday 11-25-21

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Blenders.

Well for most of you anyway. I am not sure how many people watch or read this thread that are outside the US and do not celebrate Thansgiving. Today is low key for our family. No running around going places where you have to enguage in family gatherings, etc. No endless hours of baking, or unconfortable conversations with relatives you can't stand.

So, yesterday "In the Kitchen" was pretty relaxed. Lunch was an old classic. Tuna salad sandwich on marbled rye. Add on some greens for good measure and served with some organic bbq kettle chips. Dinner: Storm made a very tasty and hearty scallop potato dish with green beans, spinach, onion, garlic, andouille sausage, and various spices. It was very good.

What did you have going on "In the Kitchen?" Prepping for the holiday? Relaxing and some old favorites? Leftovers to make room in the fridge for later today? Lets see what you had going on.

Have a blessed and thankful day.