Perspiration Pals 25 November 2021

Hi there, Pals! I really hope I didn’t scare you away with my story about the mad doctor versus hole in a bloke because there are probably many more to come. Just saying. Rest assured, though, I’ll give you time to recover between gruesome stories.

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to my American Blendfriends! Eat, drink and be merry if you can.

Today’s topic is also connected to an experience I keep having but hopefully, you’ll find it interesting enough. So I had yet another dental appointment yesterday and I’m happy to report that my tooth is whole again. No hole in the tooth. Anyway, I made my dentist and her assistant laugh… My dentist was working away and I was busy feeling utterly tense when I heard her say: ‘Ivett, you keep pressing your thumb. Look it’s all red.’ I looked up and said, very eloquently: ‘wow… didn’t realise…’ And then I added: ‘and you should know that I’m also flexing my quads.’ I also had to reassure her that it’s really, really not her fault. And here comes today’s topic because it’s the trope of the story of my life. I feel the need to reassure people that my reaction to various things in life has nothing to do with them. It’s my mind making me hyper sensitive, anxious and easily annoyed.

We all have fears though. Sometimes irrational. How do you overcome them? I tend to alleviate my fears by trying to find out more about the things I fear. Knowledge almost always helps me. Although if you fear sharks, knowing that they don’t consider you prey while being mauled by one certainly wouldn’t help…

I’m still not planning to work out today even though I feel up to it. I’ll start tomorrow because I’ll stick to the original plan. (Plus it’s a Tasha routine which might kill me even if I regained all my strength…)

Have an easy day, everybody!