My Workout and My Day

Hey everyone it's me again I forgot to tell all of you that I'm still doing my workouts everyday when I get the chance to, and same with the walks too I do them when I get the chance to do it. Sometimes I will be so busy around the house that I might not get the time to do either one of them, but it just depends on what I'm doing that day. If I got school that day then I will try and squeeze in a workout at the end of the day if I have enough time to do one.

Sometimes I won't get enough time to do one because of how late I come home at the end of the day from school, which makes it hard to vary on when I can do one. Usually if the workout is too long then I will either skip it or do a different one that's shorter and not as long of a workout, that way I'm still doing one after I get off the bus and I come home from school. Now if I don't have school I will do the workout first thing in the morning unless there's something that we are going to be doing that morning then I will have to wait to do it.