Snack Help!

Dear Blenders, I need your advice! I love to have a little something something with my mid-morning tea. The problem is, what seems to hit the spot is something like scones, banana bread, know, that really good-for-you, eat it every day type of snack. =D

I've tried to go without and manage to do about a week max. And come back worse, usually involving chocolate chip muffins... I've tried fruits or nuts and they do not fill that need. (The closest is probably apples & cheese and I'm trying to limit my dairy cause it doesn't always agree with me.) I know it's not actually hunger that prompts this, which makes it even more frustrating! And because I'm sitting at my desk working while drinking my tea, I both have an ingrained habit of it and limited ways to distract myself during tea time.

So what ideas do you have for me? Either snacks that might do the trick, or ideas for not having it?