New FB Plus Workout: 32-Min Upper Body Strength Circuits with Intermissions

Good morning FB Family!

I hope you’re ready for the upper body counterpart to the Weighted Lower Body Strength Circuits with Bodyweight Intermissions workout! There have been a few requests for this format, so we are super happy to have a routine ready for you:

Weighted Upper Body Strength Circuits with Bodyweight Intermissions

This workout follows the same format as its lower body counterpart and mixes in a little core work, too. The 35-second intervals during the Strength Circuits are just long enough for you to challenge your upper body muscles to the point of pre-fatigue. With quick 10-second recovery intervals between exercises, your heart rate will remain elevated. Your goal is to maintain a moderate tempo of cadence during each lift, focusing on fluid, continuous motions. Keep your weights nearby for the quick transitions between exercises and refer to the write-up for a few weight recommendations.

The core-focused Intermissions serve as a reminder that core engagement is crucial for every movement pattern and that your core has already been put to work during the Strength Circuits. Focus on a slow, deliberate cadence during the Intermissions to increase muscle time under tension, a training technique which is beneficial for improving strength, balance, and coordination.

As expected, this workout pairs well with the Weighted Lower Body Strength Circuits with Bodyweight Intermissions workout, but I recommend completing the two workouts on separate days or even with a rest/active recovery day between the two. Kayla’s Effective Strengthening Moves for Healthy Shoulder Blades is also a great addition to this workout to “improve shoulder mobility and scapular strength.” I often reference putting your shoulder blades in their pockets and this routine teaches you what that means and how to make it happen.

I’ve been making some tweaks to an upcoming challenge! I’m excited for you to see it soon. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the workout! And the fact that I tell you that you only need to pull one of your knees into your chest while completing Full Plank: Knee Pull-Ins. Not sure why I thought pulling both knees in at once was physically possible, but I still provided the explanation. You’re welcome.

See you on the screen!