Perspiration Pals 24 November 2021

Hello there Pals! I haven’t checked in for two days because I haven’t been feeling too well (a bit of gastroenteritis I thought I’d recovered from) and I needed some time away from even the thought of working out. I reluctantly gave myself another couple of days off since I can’t eat properly and someone who can’t eat (and is in pain…) can’t work out. Simple. Not too easy, though.

Anyway, my illness gave me the idea about today’s question. Yes, it’s connected to the digestive system and it will be rather yucky but it’s also quite interesting. There have always been people who were ready to carry out disgusting or scary experiments (often to the detriment of animals or vulnerable people, we must add).

So In 1822, a fur trapper accidentally shot a 19-year-old man named Alexis St. Martin. Army surgeon William Beaumont successfully patched up St. Martin, but the trapper was left with a …………in his stomach's abdominal wall. Over the next decade, Beaumont conducted 238 experiments on St. Martin. How? And what kind of facts did he find out about digestion.

If don’t like today’s question, I’m sorry, I promise I’ll do better once I get back to normal. By normal I mean painless, hungry and able to eat and work out.

Hopefully, you’re all well and doing all kinds of programmes and challenges. Or you’re resting for various reasons. Either way, keep up the good work!