Finally, finally finished FB 30 R4 - this Program is COMPLETE!

After 2.5 years and several attempts, all of which fizzled out somewhere in the Week 3 for various reasons, FB 30 R4 is finally complete! :D

While many other FB programs and challenges were completed in the meantime, FB 30 R4 was the one program which remained long elusive in its completion, lol! ;)

Overall, the program was much more fun than anticipated, especially with a higher emphasis on HIIT than beloved programs and challenges like Strong, Low Impact R2, Blend, Complete, etc., and had lots of strength training despite more HIIT. The final workout was a brutally fun HIIT + LB strength workout with Kelli which left puddles of sweat on the floor. :)

In this finally successful attempt, FB 30 R4 felt more fun and interesting than the previous attempts, and usually the workouts flew by very quickly. It also helped that the body is finally better adapted to HIIT again after a very slow recovery from injury, and there's no shame in modifying workouts to make them work for where you are at the moment rather than forcing something that the body doesn't want and won't benefit from.


+0.54 kg (1.2 lbs) total weight gained, of which

+1.14 kg (2.52 lbs) lean muscle,

-0.6 kg (1.32 lb) body fat,

-1.14% body fat.

So far, the programs and challenges with workouts averaging around 30 minutes have been much more effective for both fat loss and muscle gain compared to longer, more intense programs which caused lean muscle loss or maintenance and slower fat loss.

The 2-week Mass Challenge is scheduled to start tomorrow, and the anticipation of more strength training is exciting! :D Who knows, perhaps there will be some free-styling of very short HIIT to keep the FB 30 cardio benefits going along with the strength training. :)

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)