Feeling so unmotivated 😔

In September, I had my 2-year anniversary of working out consistently with FB. I completed 12 programs (including all the FB30 programs) and felt consistently motivated throughout the years.

Since October, however, I’ve really been struggling with showing up on the mat. For a month I only worked out once a week.

I don’t know if perhaps it’s because I didn’t lose weight after those years—although, I know I’ve gotten so much stronger, healthier, more flexible and a bit more toned—some sort of dissapoinment perhaps? (maybe in myself?)

So in August I started weighing myself daily and calorie tracking (which I hadn’t done before) to see if that maybe helped, but the scale just wouldn’t budge (neither up nor down, which might be a good thing in itself, I suppose).

Then I started thinking that maybe it’s because I’m finally starting to feel the mental effects of this pandemic. I live on a group of remote islands in the north Atlantic and haven’t traveled for 2 years—which has always been a joy of mine and has rejuvenated and inspired me.

So 2 weeks ago I decided to just let myself off the hook and give myself a break until the end of the year. But a week went by and I immediately started missing working out, because it has become such an inherent part of my weekly routine (even though I had only managed to work out once a week the past month).

Then I thought maybe it was because I was feeling bored with the traditional FB format and that some fun new tools would do the trick: So I started the FB Plus trial. And the extra features really have been fun, and I don’t think I can ever go back (I just love seeing those statistics!)

But alas…I’m still feeling unmotivated. My FB Plus trial ends tomorrow and I’m thinking about cancelling it for now.

So now I’m back where I started: thinking about whether to take a mental break or not. I’m a bit nervous about it because I’m afraid of losing the strength and flexibility I’ve gained, and that I’ll gain weight. And I’m sad, because it also feels like I’ll lose touch with a friend who has been there consistently with me on this journey the past 2+ years. I know that sounds strange, but checking in on the dashboard and seeing community posts has always been fun.

Not sure how to end this post, lol—I just needed to reach out to the community, I guess, and just share what I’m going through right now, because I felt quite lonely in the experience. But I’m sure that I’m not. And if you’re going through something similar too, then know you’re not alone. I just need to remind myself that this doesn’t mean it’s the end of a journey to health and well-being, but rather that sometimes it’s a PART of that journey as well, because it’s a journey that should last our entire lives, right? A journey of both physical and mental health. And one day (hopefully soon) I’ll feel recharged and ready to jump on that mat again x