New FB Plus Workout: 32-Min Bodyweight Plank and Lower Body Strength Circuits

Good morning FB Family!

I’m so excited to share this new workout release with you!

Quick Bodyweight Plank and Lower Body Strength Circuits

I sandwiched this workout between some of my more intense routines and thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace. The workout emphasizes the lower body and core with 30-second interval strength exercises. Great as a stand-alone routine or as a finisher for short HIIT workouts, this non-impact workout will still challenge you while giving your body and brain a break from higher intensity workouts.

I created this workout with runners and walkers in mind, focusing on many of the auxiliary muscles that improve gait, forward propulsion, hip stability, and overall glutes strength (part of a runner’s powerhouse). Don’t think that you must be a runner/walker to benefit from the workout! Strengthening the core and lower body are essential elements in any other fitness regimen and improve your capacity to complete activities of daily living.

If you’re looking for additional core and lower body work, try Amanda’s HIIT-Structured Lower Body Core Pilates Routine for Strength and Stability workout. I plan to give it a whirl this weekend, and I can’t wait! The write-up sucked me in.

I’m currently creating, prepping, and filming new content while making notes for a “behind the scenes” community post for you next month. The post will include a little sneak-peak into my pre- and post-filming rituals, including my breakfast pep-talk and jam session during hair and makeup. Which is me just washing my face and occasionally deciding to put on makeup, because I need to outrun the lawn mowers (this will make sense later).

I hope you enjoy this straightforward workout! The inchworm is the only animal in this routine so don’t fret.

See you on the screen,