Yesterday "In the Kitchen" - Weekend Recap 11-22-21

Good day Fellow FB Kitchen Peeps

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. This weekend was fairly busy. Not really, but it may be perceived that way. As most of you know, and thank you all that posted, Friday was my Birthday. Storm made me a wonderful dinner and I got wonderful gifts and time with my fabulous family. Friday Dinner: Roasted chicken (organic) with a mustard and other seasoning rub, twiced baked smashed potatoes with onion, bell pepper, fresh garlic (always garlic), Dijon mustard, and some cheese, steamed carrots. It was very delish.

Saturday lunch: Leftover chicken sandwich on marbled rye with mayo, dijon, mixed greens, avocado, white onion, smoked sea salt and fresh ground black pepper. Dinner: Hamburger pizza with seasoned organic ground beef, white onion, sharp white cheddar, greens, mushrooms, and sweet-n-spicy bbq sauce. Also very tasty.

Sunday: Breakfast was waffles with a peach and cranberry compote. Yum. Storm decided to mix things up on Sunday and decided to make jelly. We pulled out harvested peaches and some organic cranberries. We made peach and cranberry jelly (on right in image) and cranberry merlot (yes the wine). Both were really good. Lunch was leftover pizza. Dinner was chicken pot pie. I whipped up a cream of mushroom soup from some crimini we had in the fridge with white onion, garlic and oat milk. We then took left over potato and carrots from Friday's dinner, plus some more veggies, to finish the filing.

Storm had some pie crust leftover and made these delish raspberry pinwheels for desert. Busy you might say this weekend. However, this is typical for us when we get the wood cookstove going in the Fall.

So, what did you have going on this weekend "In the Kitchen?" Getting ready for Thanks Giving? Making something special with the Fall harvest? Post up your wonderful creations so we can get more ideas. Have a blessed and prosperous day!