Perspiration Pals Monday November 22nd 🍁

Hello everyone and welcome to start of another week and the PPals thread. I was going to put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence but it's feeling a bit too early and a bit too Monday for that kind of enthusiasm 😅.

I think in my post on yesterday's thread I said I wasn't planning on doing much of anything. Clearly that was because my typical Sunday morning loafing in bed with a coffee did not afford me a view onto the leaf strewn lawn. But once I got a glimpse outside and saw the rain that had been predicted wasn't coming after all, I picked up my rake and spent the better part of the day cleaning up the yard. Leaf raking is a chore that I do enjoy, however. I get a fire going in the fire pit to burn some leaves, fallen branches, and twigs, play with the dogs, and get my reluctant teens involved. The only outside task I enjoy more is shoveling snow. How about you all? Anyone else have a favorite outdoor functional fitness activity?

I just hope I won't find myself too sore for today's workout, which happens to be upper body. I'll do Kelli's new upper body warmup followed by this favorite and my first workout with Amanda,

I really don't know about dinner. All of my food related thoughts have been consumed by Thanksgiving prep strategizing (in spite of which, I'll end up doing everything the night before or morning of). So please inspire me below with your meal plan du jour.

Anyone is welcome here to post, reply or peruse! (Exclamation point after all).