Obsessive Thinking and Falling off Track


I have an issue with obsessive thoughts. Coupled with my depression, it can inhibit almost every healthy aspect of my life if I let it. I feel like I can't workout, cook, meditate, or do chores. Sometimes it even affects if I can get out of bed or bathe (only when it's extreme though.)

Ironically, the best way to not fall into this cycle is if I do all of those things I feel like it 'prevents' me from doing. I kind of follow a Newton's law of motion with this stuff: when my body and health are in motion, I stay in motion and feel really good and capable and it feeds into all other areas of my life.

Recently, I got some bad news regarding some family relationships. I feel like I've been thrown off track and can't do anything except sit in a corner and worry. I'm having a very hard time getting out of this frame of mind, like my thoughts weight a millions pounds and they're keeping me from reaching sanity again.

I suppose a 'fake it till you make it' mentality would be appropriate right now, I'm just having a hard time with it.