My Workout and My Day

Hi everyone I'm back and I miss all of you and I'm ready to talk to all of you girls online. I'm finally on my fall break after a few weeks of being at school and now I can finally settle down and relax until it's time for me to start school back up again for another 4 weeks. But until then I will be able to get in my walks everyday without anything getting in the way and I can get everything done around the house without having to worry about school.

I will tell you that I'm going to miss being away from my friends for a week until I can see them again, but once I see them again I will tell them about my week off from school. Because every time when I go back to school after have a break off from school I can tell all of my friends about the fun things I did over break. I don't get to tell that to my friends very often just only whenever I get a break off from school or I get more than 1 week off from school.

But anyway that's enough for me now it's everyone else's turn to tell me about what's been going on around the house lately for the rest of you. Because I would like to know if anything new has happened or not that I have missed from being online.