Today's workout was this old gem below:

I realized 8 rounds of 20 second intervals per exercise was more than I was used to, but thought it would be a great challenge to see if I could make it through all 8 rounds with the same amount of weight I typically use for the 45 second intervals. I didn't end up making it through all 8 of each exercise with that weight. I typically had to lower my weights by rounds 6 or 7 (round 4 for one exercise lol).

Even though by the end of the video I was begging for it to be over, I really enjoyed this workout! My arms are on fire and by the time I made it to skull crushers I could barely hold onto my weights because my arms were shaking so bad. I am going to be so sore tomorrow! Even just trying to gulp down some water my arms are burning and shaking. This must be one of those workouts where Kelli would say you might want to get someone to help you wash your hair!😂

Thanks for the great workout Kelli and Daniel!