New FB Plus Workout: 43-Min Combination Strength Circuits with Tabata II

Good morning FB Family!

I think it’s pretty evident by now that I thoroughly enjoy a good workout sequel. Today’s new workout release continues to reflect this joy:

Combination Strength Circuits with Lower Body Tabata Cardio II

The benefits of combination style strength training are plentiful. Working both the lower body and upper body in one exercise is not only time efficient but challenging for your cardiovascular system. Even if your primary focus for strength training is a body-split schedule, including combination exercises in your training regimen gives you a well-rounded approach to improving your overall fitness level. Training your body to use different energy systems prepares you to tap into the appropriate energy system with quickness and efficiency during future workouts.

In this workout, you will alternate between strength and lower body focused Tabata circuits for a high energy demand workout! Focus on the versions of each exercise that (safely) challenge you the most. And smile at the screen when the bear crawl variation makes an appearance. The smile isn’t truly necessary. But it helps.

Fun fact about this video: This was my second time filming the workout. Lawncare kept interrupting me at the most bizarre moments during the first take, so I decided to re-film everything. I was initially super annoyed that I had to redo everything (I filmed the two takes back-to-back), but then I decided to focus on the positives: better cueing the second time around, another opportunity to move my body for the day, and my wardrobe change gave me a chance to debut these special pants on-screen (the most important aspect). I hope you tackle your workouts with an attitude of abundant opportunities as well! If the first attempt isn’t what you expected, be proud of your efforts and move on to the next workout with a positive mindset.

I’m currently fleshing out some more workout content for you and constantly looking for inspiration from your comments. After all, you all are my number one brainstorm partners. The list of ideas is long and varied – stay tuned.

As always, I hope you enjoy the workout! I also hope you enjoy my outfit. The pants made me feel like a superhero.

See you on the screen,