New Plus Workout: Lower Body Resistance Band

Good morning! We’ve just published a new lower body resistance band workout for you:

Resistance Band Workout for the Lower Body

Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment for targeting the smaller muscles of the glutes, via ranges of motion that are not easily recreated with a dumbbell.

Exercises that target those smaller support muscles from multiple angles can help build comprehensive gluteal strength, and hip and pelvic stability. Properly implemented, this can, in turn, help with knee, ankle, and core stability. While that might not necessarily sound exciting, building that kind of foundational strength can go a long way towards both injury prevention and athletic performance (for the record, I think that’s very exciting). 

Anecdotally, I have spent the last 3-4 years rehabilitating a hip labral tear via physical therapy. Resistance band training, along with a lot of the physical therapy inspired moves I include in my Pilates workouts, have played a major role in my regaining function, mobility, strength, and stability through the hips. It has made a huge difference in my mobility, what kinds of activities I can do pain free, and it’s also allowed me to do other activities that I was previously unable to do at all. Of course, don’t take my advice (or anyone else’s on the internet for that matter) when it comes to your personal health care; always talk to your doctor or physical therapist, who has your full health care history, before starting any kind of new exercises.

On the more superficial side, banded lower body workouts are great for building muscle and shape. You can do this before a strength or HIIT workout to really fire up those glutes before the hard work, or, you can do this afterwards for a seriously toasty burnout round. People often tend to be divided in preference of doing these before or after the main workout; which camp do you usually fall into? (PS there really is no wrong answer).

We’re currently without power after being hit by some seriously temperamental weather here in the PNW; a combination of record breaking wind, rain, and flooding. What’s the weather like where you are? Hope everyone is staying safe out there.