Perspiration Pals - Monday, November 15th

Hello PPals and FB community. How is everyone this November Monday?

I've got a busy week ahead of me with a couple of long days at work. I've also got a full week of self scheduled FB workouts on my calendar. I'm starting off with lower body today including a cardio warm-up with glute activation and this older video I haven't done previously: I'm looking forward to it as much as one can look forward to anything at this ridiculous hour on a Monday 😅.

I also have my menu planned for the week, although it's always subject to change. However, tonight it looks like we'll have spaghetti with chicken meatballs as scheduled, and a salad.

It's not exciting I'm afraid, but that about covers it for me today. Please share below what kind of day, workouts, and meals you have planned. Or maybe don't have planned, because sometimes having a plan is over-rated 😊.

Take care friends and remember anyone is welcome to pop in!