HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group Nov. 14

Good Day Blendfriends,

Thought of the Day:

"As I go about my day I extend loving kindness with the intention that I am, loving kindness."

So here we are at another Self-Care Sunday. What does everyone have on the list for self-care today?

I have a rest day with no plans of working in the gardens. It does not mean I will not work in the gardens, just no list of stuff that has to be done. I am also going to give my feet some love. And I might actually shave my legs. LOL. I rarely shave them because I have very light blond hair and no one ever sees them because I am in work jeans all the time.

So are you working out? Resting? Doing something fun? Or undecided at this time?

I want to let Maria know we are thinking of you. You are missed and we hope everything is okay. Love, hugs and positive energy your way.

Remember everyone is welcomed here. Share if you feel like it or just say hi.

Peace, love and harmony