Guess who's back home!

I'm back at my own place since Friday evening. It feels very surreal. I went to visit my parents in March and never went back home again. I'm glad to be home, but it does feel really odd. Hope I can find my way again. I finally have control over my food again. I had overnight whole wheat oats with chia seeds for breakfast. Topped with banana and blueberries. It just feels so much better to be able to do my own thing. Can't wait to start working out again. I feel that once I start working out again and eating like I used to, I'll be able to build muscle again and maybe feel more like myself. I really miss myself. I plan to meal prep lunch. Cause I don't want to put in effort to make lunch on the day itself. I know myself. Especially now with 1 hand, it's frustrating. Exciting times ahead, I hope.