Ppals 14 Nov 21 🍁🍂🌳

Happy Sunday Ppals!

It is a nice brisk morning here. Some areas near me may have seen the first frost of the season. It is just above freezing here. it won't stay that way and will be in the 60's F when I'll be taking a walk.

We are having a beautiful fall so I tried to capture it my picture. This is from my walk earlier this week around the pond at the University where I work. The water looked so clear and I love seeing the reflection of the trees so I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Yesterday when I was grocery shopping a women was snapping pictures as she was walking back to her car and we smiled at each other (as much as that is possible under our masks) and she said the trees are just so beautiful. I said I know I have been taking pictures too.

So have you ever seen something so beautiful that you can't help but take a picture?

This afternoon I will take a functional walk as I am going to a women's basketball game and parking is about a 10-15 min walk from the game. It is such nice walk thru campus by the track and football stadium and I hope to enjoy some more fall color along the way.

So what are your Sunday plans? I hope you are able to do something you enjoy.

Thanks for checking in with me and Ppals!

All are welcome to chat in our friendly if not quirky corner of the Fitness Blender Community. 🤗🦄

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