Weekend 👻checkin, Saturday 13-11

Hey there all you lovely blenderbuddies. How’s today going for you? Sorry to our blenders in the (for me) Eastern part of the world… this checkin is on the late side for you, you may already be in bed! I still hope to hear about your Saturday.

As to workouts: anything happening on that front in your personal world? Whatever it is, rest, hiit, strength, as long as it makes you feel happy, it’s the best choice for you today. I am having a rest day, albeit a bit of an active one… but that makes me feel happy, and that’s the main thing. Five friends and me did an hour’s worth of litterpicking and I am happy to say “only” 6 bags of rubbish at the end. Then I went for a 20 min very relaxing seaswim. The rest of the day has seen me sitting down… And you? Any sitting down? Or more of a not sitting down much day today? What is your favourite way of sitting down, lounging in a chair or all knotted up with legs under you, or very straight? I am usually tied up in a knot or lying on the carpeted floor. I guess my short legs are to be blamed for that. They dangle on most chairs 🙃🤣

As to food: it’s half past four and I am only now having lunch 🙈! I will be cooking our evening meal soon, which will be (and I had to google the English word) oxheart cabbage, or spitskool in Dutch, pic in replies. Have you ever heard of it? I will be roasting it with potatoes and then top it with grated cheese. But I want to hear about your Saturday sustenance… what’s nourishing your body today?

My photo for today shows some of our litterpick finds…. The “stolen bag” and “killer knife” gave rise to some interesting theories! I hope we didn’t disturb a crime scene 🤔🤭🙈. Maybe you can come up with an intriguing plot?! And we obviously missed a party, all those bottles and cans were found in just one place!!

Anyway, let’s hear it from you. Nosy me wants to know all about your day!