HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group November 13th ☕🛋️

Hello Blendfriends, and happy Saturday! I don't know how it is where you are, but up here in the northeast, it is very good weather for sleeping in and staying cozy🛋️. I'm having a nice relaxing morning with a good cup of ☕. Today is a rest day for me, and I thought that's what I'd "talk" about with you. I usually don't like my rest days to fall on a weekend, because I feel like I need them more during the week. Today, after the busy week I've had, I don't really mind the idea of resting. I just have to remember that it's okay to take rest days during the week as needed! So, in that spirit, I give you a wise quote from Winnie-the-Pooh: "People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day." Let Pooh-bear be your inspiration, and add "do nothing" to your world of possibilities 😀.

Of course, on a Saturday, a few somethings are likely to slip in -- I'm thinking about making my favorite vegepâté (the bright fuschia one), and maybe some chocolate pumpkin muffins. And my body enjoyed my recovery workout yesterday so much that I might try one of Kayla's or Amanda's workouts, you know, the ones that look a lot like self-care 🤗🧡.

So, whether you are doing something or doing nothing, I hope you have a brilliant Saturday and I would love to hear about it! Everyone is always welcome to read and to post in our supportive little corner of the forum.