Yesterday "In the Kitchen" - Friday 11-12-21

Good day everyone. Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

Yesterday "In the Kitchen" was very busy. We processed the remaining apples left from this years harvest. So we made a bunch of apple pie filling and canned it along with some apple juice. Then, because we had a little leftover (not a full jar) pie filling, Storm decided to make Apple Pie filling Cinnamon rolls. They are fabulous.

For lunch we had avocado, salsa, and mozzerella cheese Trisquits. Dinner was chili cheese air fries with asiago, red and white onion. I added a little extra heat as usual.

So what did you have going on "in the kitchen yesterday?" New and exciting recipe(s)? Old favorites? Planning for the weekend prep work?

Have a blessed and prosperous day everyone.