Perspiration Pals November 12th 🍂💇

Hey, Pals! Happy Friday, all around the world. Up in my corner it is rainy and mild, which should be good to knock down those hanger-on leaves I once saw a guy using his powered leaf vacuum to just pull the leaves right out of his bushes, but trees are fortunately a bit taller than your average suburban power-tool addict. I'll just wait and use a rake, get a little upper-body and a few lunges in tomorrow.

Today's a recovery day for me, so I'll be doing some light Pilates after work. Just thinking about it gives me a nice relaxed feeling😊.

I'm also feeling good because I got a haircut yesterday💇‍♀️😊. So, unlike the meme, I did not try to wash my own hair after arms day👍! After the lockdown and subsequent work-from-home slump incited me to grow my hair all the way to (just barely touch) my shoulders, I've accepted that this is not a favorite look for my baby-fine hair, and it felt really good yesterday to get a chin-length bob with real bangs, kind of that Louise Brooks haircut. Like we say in library science, "A good library is like a good haircut. It's not what you cut - it's what you leave". Maybe that's our question for the day -- what is your favorite haircut, for you?

So that's it for me, folks, time to skedaddle. I look forward to hearing from you today.

And of course I'll just remind everyone that all are welcome to read our quirky corner of the forum and to share your thoughts, if you like!