HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group November 12th

Hi Everyone!

It is Friday! Friday is my favourite weekday because it starts with a nice recovery workout, an early finish at work and finishes with crime and wine night. Plus you are looking at 2 chances to try and sleep in!

The thought of the day comes courtesy of my nephew's calendar he gave me. This month he says "love the life you live". Easier said than done, right? I have to admit I am not loving a few of things in my life. They are all things I have control over and for some reason, I am not taking control. I have been a bit loose with the eating, I'm snacking more, and missing my usual amount of veggies. Normally I am loading up on them but lately, it has been a pretty weak effort. I have felt slow and sluggish, although that could also relate to the change of time and increased darkness. I have been very lazy and I have been leaving projects unfinished which always bugs me and I feel like I have been slacking a bit on the exercise. I could definitely be doing more.

So how will I fix these things? I am not 100% sure but I will be working on it this weekend. I hope to share an update after some more thought.

So what does everyone else have going on today? Fun food, fun activities or just happy it is Friday?

Feel free to share or just lurk!

P.S The picture was the night sky on Tuesday walking back from the pharmacy. I was so in shock of the colours and I thought with the trees it made a great picture. Also, the antihistamines she gave me worked a wonder and I am almost 100%