Yesterday "In the Kitchen" - Veterans Day (US) 11-11-21

Good day everyone and Happy Veterans Day to those in the US. We all appreciate your service if you are a veteran.

Busy day yesterday, but, Storm made this really wonderful and flavorful turkey and bean chili. It has celery, white onion, pinto, kidney, and black beans, ground organic turkey, various spices, cocoa powder, and fire roasted tomoates. Simmered all day on the wood burning cookstove. Delish. storm and Savannah had theirs with some banana and a hot tortilla. I just added some extra heat with pepper plant (garlic version).

What did you have going yesterday "In the Kitchen?" My apologies for not being able to participate more in the thread yesterday. Very busy day at work. Post up all your new, or old, creations and share with the rest of the class (school reference there; remember those days?).

Have a blessed and prosperous day!